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Ready to Change the Trajectory of Your Health?

Let's talk about me for a moment. I had some big health issues. I was near becoming a diabetic, my heart was not in a good place, and I was overweight.


Before and after photo of Ted after losing 60 lbs.

I tried everything I could to get healthier. I followed popular diets that everyone
was talking about but could not sustain the weight loss

Even though I was doing great in other parts of my life, getting healthy was really hard for me.

Do you feel like it's hard to get healthier, too?

Picture of healthy food.


For me, it got easier with encouragement and accountability. With a few small changes in my everyday life, my health started to improve.

Do you want to improve your health like I did?

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Customer Testimonial:

Plant-based eating was the last thing I was interested in when Ted started sharing his knowledge and research about food, but I went over enough studies to realize he was right. Since making the changes he suggested in both diet and exercise, all the health issues I was beginning to encounter as I aged have gone away. My HbA1c dropped from 6.0 to 5.4 (from pre-diabetic to well within normal range), my cholesterol dropped over 100 points (now also in a healthy range), the pain I was having in my feet disappeared, the tingling I had in my right hand whenever I’d run went away and a healthier diet corrected a digestion problem that could’ve grown into something serious. Now I’m not battling ANY health issues, and I feel like I did in my thirties!

Brenda N.


For the first time, a promising plant-based diet could make a difference for people attempting weight loss and improve their overall health.

There's no need for apprehension about altering one's daily routine.

The benefits also extend to being part of a supportive community with similar health goals. This community can offer assistance and a proper system for accountability in a few weeks.

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Overcoming the Habit of Quick-fix Diets
Scheduled Weekly Call Session
Achieving Healthiness and Lightness without Complications

For people aspiring to achieve healthier lifestyles...

A picture of a lady holding out a pear in one hand and an apple in the other

Many individuals understand the need for lifestyle modifications. However, weight loss pills aren't the solution. Primarily, these weight loss supplements are often unchecked and can lead to adverse side effects.

So, how can people manage their weight in a manner that will not be harmful and will have a consistent effect?

In order to assist people desiring to lose weight and become healthier without complications, I have initiated the 'Talk It Out - Weekly Call'.

This distinctive service is designed to aid individuals seeking healthier lifestyles, facilitating weight management, inducing liveliness, and promoting a better relationship with food, by advocating for change.

It also comprises...

  • Information about simple lifestyle alterations that helped me lose 60 pounds, decrease my LDL cholesterol, and improve my overall health at the age of 60
  • Verified insights from leading doctors and scientists that influenced my decision to eat more plant-based foods and consume less meat
  • Access to resources such as starter meal plans, educational videos, and workouts to align with your health objectives
  • Opportunities for weekly discussions relating to your individual health concerns and the establishment of subsequent goals
  • An online community comprised of individuals with similar health goals, providing mutual support and motivation

Certain other features.

This service is unique and built on my 5 years of experience promoting health and wellness.

Upon subscribing to the weekly call sessions, you receive personal advice and support on your journey to improved health. Additionally, you gain access to an online portal packed with educational videos, meal plans, recipes, and various other tools to guide your progress.

The cost for all these services is $250.

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Have you ever considered how to improve your health and strength?

Let's dive into a unique method for individuals who are aiming to lead healthier lives.

Not only does this program aim to boost your health, but it also aims to increase your energy levels, akin to what you may have felt in your younger years.

The strategy is based on the concept of "Transformation".

This is a crucial component of the Talk It Out - Weekly Call.

Within Talk It Out - Weekly Call, you have the opportunity to learn from esteemed doctors and scientists about the benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

By embracing this diet, you can potentially reduce the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

A Picture of a man with his hand on his head and another picture of a person testing their blood sugar level.

And the good news? It does not have to be daunting or overwhelming to make changes to your diet.

Though it may sound extraordinary, let me assure you: This strategy is grounded in extensive research in the field of health and wellness. This knowledge has the potential to significantly impact your life.

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"Do you constantly feel drained of energy but aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle?"

Is this how you feel, tired and drained?

A picture of a sad man with his hand on his head.

This is a frequently asked question by young people looking for effective ways to enhance their health and increase their activity levels.

In response to this, we've created a program known as 'Talk It Out - Weekly Call.'

This program is tailored to assist young people enhance their health and activity levels irrespective of continuous fatigue. The central principle of this program is the beneficial power of dietary choices, particularly food sourced from plants.

Incorporating more plant-based nutrition in your diet can contribute significantly to your overall well-being. Our website provides all the necessary resources you need to begin incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet and subsequently observe the positive impact on your health.

So, how can our 'Talk It Out – Weekly Call' help you?

Do you have a minute to spare?

I would like to share some insights about improving your health and managing long-term health conditions without significantly altering your diet.

Please spare a moment of your time in understanding the core of this concept.

It is unfortunate that one in four individuals in the U.S succumbs to heart disease.

This is largely because individuals dealing with long-term health conditions are often not aware of a simple technique called "change".

As a health guide, I have witnessed the positive impact of a plant-based diet on people's overall health.

However, the primary reason these individuals struggle with maintaining their weight is mostly due to their unfamiliarity with this concept of change.

This lack of awareness often deprives them of the chance to lead a more energetic and fulfilling life.

Don't be disheartened if this is new to you.

Even some of the most health-conscious individuals were not aware of the principle of change.

So, it's not really their fault.

The harsh reality we have come to understand lately is that it's indeed challenging, if not impossible, to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without making the necessary changes to our diet and lifestyle.


Statistics reveal that around 70% of adults in the USA are overweight or obese. In simpler terms, nearly seven out of ten adults in America are heavier than recommended. According to reports by the Centers for Disease Control, obesity is a widespread condition affecting about 42.4% of the U.S. population in 2018, and its considerable impact is undeniable.

Over 70% of adults in US are overweight!

A photo of a person measuring their stomach.

However, there appears to be an innovative approach to maintaining health and losing weight, which some liken to the importance of the discovery of vitamins. This doesn’t mean bombarding you with excessive information but aims to guide you towards improved lifestyle choices.

Prioritize your health starting today and set a positive example for those around you. But first, continue reading this letter to learn about this novel approach.

Consider this information attentively, perhaps even revisiting it for better comprehension, and evaluate whether it could be the solution you've been seeking.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ted Novak and I work as a wellness coach. During my professional journey, I've supported countless people in enhancing their health and lifestyle. I've successfully assisted individuals in accomplishing their weight loss goals, leading more active lives, and reducing their dependency on medication.

Think of this letter as a blueprint for those feeling overwhelmed by health information. Consider it a guidebook towards the healthier version of you.

Over the years, I've dedicated significant time to analyzing success stories to understand why certain individuals achieve their goals more quickly than others. What I discovered was not only insightful but I believe you'll find it thought-provoking.

It turns out that the key factor isn't necessarily the specific health activity you engage in but rather the manner in which you perform it. That is, your daily habits can be even more influential than the specific diet or workout regimen you choose.

I've compiled all of this valuable knowledge into a concise guide designed to help you comprehend and instill these healthy habits into your daily routine. May it lead you on your journey to a healthier, more fulfilled you. Let's proceed forward to gain an in-depth understanding of what lies ahead.


You can achieve better health without struggling with existing medical conditions.

Often, those who wish to improve their health are reluctant to adopt healthier lifestyles or transition to plant-based diets, which is understandable. Instead of focusing on making drastic changes that could result in stress or exacerbate health issues, I'd like to suggest a more manageable method.

Long-term health issues can pose a significant challenge in changing lifestyle habits, as seen in a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Participants with chronic health concerns found it extremely difficult to maintain new dietary routines, often failing in their attempts.

Thus, it would be more beneficial to concentrate on solutions, such as adopting a plant-based diet.

This diet could enhance your health and overall wellness. There's also scientific evidence to back this claim up. According to a 2019 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, a plant-based diet can decrease the probability of heart disease by up to 32%.

So, by opting for plant-based foods, you can take a step towards healthier living and witness the beneficial impact it has on your health. This approach will prevent you from falling into a cycle of unsuccessful diets and continued weight gain.

Focusing on your past dietary missteps is not helpful. Instead, you can work towards improving your health by implementing small, manageable changes. This journey may be slow, but it's worth the efforts you put in.

To improve your health and energy levels, consider participating in our 'Talk It Out - Weekly Calls' where you can learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

If the concept is unfamiliar to you or you're uncertain that such a dietary change will yield any positive results, we assure you that our team is committed to guiding you through a step-by-step transition towards healthier food habits, which could include incorporating a green smoothie into your daily routine.

Customer Testimonial:

“I have watched Ted on his health journey from the day he decided to reverse his health problems with diet and I have admired his commitment to studying and applying what he learns! He has been a positive influence in my desire to make a lot of health changes in my life and embrace the benefits of a plant based diet! When I started January 1st 2024 I weighed 282 and was dealing arthritis in multiple joints, high cholesterol, High blood pressure, IBS, plantar fasciitis in both feet. As of today I am 258, my inflammation in my joints has significantly decreased, my plantar fasciitis has been minimal, overall I feel much healthier and have more energy every day.”

A large amount of unhealthy dietary choices is available today, paired with often contradictory recommendations which can create confusion. Changing dietary habits can be daunting, as it can feel similar to trying to climb a steep mountain. However, it’s important not to let these concerns discourage you because numerous benefits await you.

Photo of bacon and a photo of cheeseburger and fries.
Picture a day that begins with a sense of vitality. You could make a glass of fresh vegetable juice from produce you've grown. As the day breaks, drinking this juice could contribute to your overall wellbeing, providing your body with key nutrients it needs for the day ahead. This isn't just an ordinary day, but rather an initial step in a journey to lead a healthier and happier life.

Photo of a green smoothie and a photo of people rejoicing.

Our 'Talk It Out - Weekly Calls' provide insight and guidance on this journey.

Improve your energy levels and overall health by integrating more fruits and vegetables into your diet with our coaching program. This is unlike your traditional health programs; it isn't about taking supplemental vitamins or ingesting only greens. It also steers clear of intimidating treatments.

Photo of salad and a photo of fruit salad.
This is an educational experience that imparts valuable knowledge, for which others may charge a premium price.

The key aspects of 'Talk It Out - Weekly Call' include:

1st Week Meal Plan

We'll provide a comprehensive guide for your first week of plant-based meals. Our plan offers detailed instructions on meal preparation, making the transition to healthy eating effortless and enjoyable.

Educational Videos

Our informative videos outline the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and the importance of balanced nutrition. With these, you can gain meaningful insights without having to sift through extensive reading material.

Recommended Products

We'll provide a comprehensive list of recommended purchases, ranging from fresh produce to essential kitchen equipment, to facilitate your journey towards healthier eating.

Insights on Eggs

If you are curious about the role of eggs in your diet, we offer a dedicated guide to answer all your questions.

Moreover, there are several additional features offered through the 'Talk It Out - Weekly Call' program:

1) Access to a diverse array of enticing recipes.
2) Easy-to-follow workout videos.
3) An interactive Facebook group where you can connect with other members.
4) Participate in recreational video dinners with fellow learners.

  • Learn about the modifications in my diet that contributed to weight loss of 60 pounds, even past the age of 60. These are straightforward changes that you might find easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

  • Gain information about the benefits of a plant-based diet from reputable doctors and scientists. This knowledge may not be part of mainstream education.
  • Use useful resources like our meal plan for your first week. It's uncomplicated to prepare and beneficial to your health. Observe your health gradually improving with our plan.
  • Gain insight from our educational videos about your body and the optimal nourishment it requires. Brace yourself for a significant journey of knowledge acquisition.
  • Look into our workouts tailored to your needs. Start reshaping your physique towards a healthier, slimmer you.
  • Participate in our 'Talk It Out - Weekly' coaching sessions, an opportunity to review your progress, strategize your health goals, and set achievable targets that will motivate you.
  • Interact with like-minded people dedicated to achieving good health on our Facebook community. We're here to support one another.
  • Discuss your specific health concerns on our platform. This is a supportive and informed community that encourages open conversation, not judgment.
  • Learn from experts about the health benefits of plant-based food. This will offer you a new perspective on the role of food in health.
  • Utilize our exercise videos for effective workouts that can help manage your energy levels. Our platform offers comprehensive information about exercise, nutrition,


    Our 'Talk It Out - Weekly Call' package is available for a flat rate of $250 with no hidden fees. Just keep things simple and straightforward.

    I aim to assist a wide range of individuals. Regardless of whether your goal is to be healthier, feel better, or lose weight, I can provide guidance and accountability.

    To participate, simply click on the button below.


    We are offering a special price for this package. In return, we ask for your honest feedback on the program via email. For the cost of $250, you can join the program.

    Picture a comprehensive guide to healthier eating habits. Your bonus gift will instruct you on both the benefits and methods of incorporating more plant-based food into your diet, complete with real-life examples.


    I look forward to embarking on this health journey together.

    Ted Novak


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What does this Coaching - Weekly Call offer mean?
    This offer gives you the chance to receive coaching every week through phone calls. It's like having a support team ready to help you with your growth and learning.

    2) How will this weekly coaching call help me?
    Remember, practice makes perfect! By having a call every week, you have someone there regularly to help you along the way, motivate you, and guide you in the right direction.

    3) What will I learn from these weekly coaching calls?
    You will get personal feedback, useful advice, and strategies that are made just for you and your goals. The goal is to help you get better and make progress.

    4) How long will each weekly coaching call last?
    Each call will take about an hour. This is to make sure we have plenty of time to really delve into what you did good at and what you could do better at during the week.

    5) Do the coaching calls happen at the same time every week?
    Nope, the calls can happen whenever is best for you. So you get the help you need at a time that's best for you.

    6) Who are the coaches and what can they do?
    Our coaches are certified professionals who have a lot of experience in helping people like you reach their goals.

    7) Can I quit the weekly calls if I'm not happy with them?
    Yes, definitely. We always want to provide you with the best service, but you can quit anytime if you're not happy.

    8) Will other people find out what I talk about in my calls?
    Nope. All your talks with your coach will be private and what's said in the call, stays in the call.

    9) Will there be anything to do after each coaching call?
    Yes. The coach might give you some tasks or points to ponder after each call. That's to keep encouraging you to get better and better.

    10) Can I try one call before I decide to do it every week?
    Sure! We offer a trial session so you can figure out how helpful these calls can be for your growth.