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Welcome to Ted's Health Club

I've made some positive lifestyle changes the past few years and I have seen the benefits of these changes. My goal is to educate and share these same positive changes with others.

I would like to show you some of the talks by doctors that inspired me to go plant based with my diet. Benefits that I've seen from going plant based are:

- HBA1C levels went from 5.9 (pre-diabetic) to 5.3 (normal blood glucose range) 

- Cholesterol dropped 100 points

- Lost 60lbs

- Blood pressure went down to 115 over 175

- I'm in my 60's and I feel healthier now than when I was in my 40's and 50's!

We are seeking like minded individuals, families, and groups that would be willing to host a dinner in their home with family, friends, and acquaintances. Obviously in this post Covid world, smaller groups are better. We plan to have the host provide a plant based meal using recipes from our website or of their choice and then join us on Facebook live to talk about healthy eating and watch a talk by a Dr. that educates on plant based eating. Even if you as a host don't want to invite people into your home, we encourage you to prepare a plant based meal for your household and join us on Facebook live.

Not only do our health and planet both benefit from a plant based diet but there is no cruelty to animals!

Ted's Health Club's next monthly plant based dinner is planned for June 1st, after that we plan on having them the first Wednesday of the month thereafter.

We hope that you will volunteer as a host here on my website and invite your friends and family over or at least make a plant based dinner for your household.

 Click here to sign up as a host.

Having gone plant based and listening to 100's of talks by health professionals, there is one obvious nutrient missing in plant based diets and that's vitamin B12. The other nutrient that we can't get from a typical diet is vitamin D3. We are supposed to get it from the sun, however because we work indoors and wear so much clothing we are not manufacturing enough vitamin D3. There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to supplementing these two nutrients. One of the subjects of research I have focused on is synthetic vitamins vs supplements made from whole foods. There are different opinions on the subject, I have decided for myself that I'm going to supplement with the whole food option because that's what our bodies our used to getting their nutrients from. I have DESIGNED/PROCURED a monthly subscription box that includes: vitamin B12 and D3 as well as a blue-green algae superfood which is harvested out of Klamath Lake in Oregon, a phytoplankton superfood that is harvested directly from the ocean, and a bottle of real salt which is mined out of an ancient ocean salt deposit in Redmond Utah, this salt contains 100% bio available iodine and many trace minerals that are very important to us. Because it's so old it's free from any of the modern day pollutants. We call this a plant based survival package. I have done many many hours of research to find these specific items in this package, all of these items are sourced from very reputable companies that I have partnered with in order to give you extremely valuable DEAL. 

*We want to convey that they are getting a better deal from our package than if they go out and buy all of these items individually.

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