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Thank you for considering or having decided to be a host for us at our next plant-based virtual potluck dinner on Wednesday, June 1st. My goal is to introduce and encourage people to eat healthier and feel better. As you know, I have seen so many benefits from switching to a plant-based diet. I'm trying to start a movement by encouraging people to eat plant-based whenever possible. In my opinion, the first step to adopting a plant-based lifestyle is understanding your options. It's important to have the proper mindset and to know of the many wonderful plant-based meals that are available, so you won't be worried about the animal products you don't eat. My intention is to help you give your family and others a good experience with plant-based eating by sponsoring a virtual potluck dinner once a month.

Potluck Dinner Agenda:

- Host prepares a whole-food plant-based meal.

- Immediate family and guests, if any, enjoy the meal

- 5:00 pm PST and for the East Coast 8:00 pm EST watch me on my Facebook live at Ted's Health Club on Facebook. If you're not available to join live, then it will be recorded on my Facebook page and you can watch it anytime in the future on our website under the tab potluck videos.


We are asking all of our hosts or potential hosts to watch the video below so you can understand what we are trying to accomplish.

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